Frequently Asked Questions

Can I place a bet until the last map of the match or is there a lockdown before the match starts?

The bet will be locked once the match starts. No more bets will be accepted after this, every new transaction will be returned instantly without any extra cost.

When do we get our earnings?

Once the match is over and the winner is officially announced. Most of the time the payments are send within the first hour after the game.

What happens when a team is cheating or the game is DDoSed?

Any game where one team had an unfair advantage (cheats, bots, doping...) will of course be nullified. Everyones money on the contract will be returned without haveing to pay any cent, not even the contract fee. If a game or a player gets DDoSed during a game it is up to the organizer of this event or the players themself. Should they choose to continue the game anyway, even if a player is missing, we accept that decission and will not nullify this match. Should they choose to abbort the match, we will nullify this game too and return everyones money. The reasoning behind this is the following: If a malicious person bets on a team and this team is losing, he could just DDoS the match or even the players of the opponent team and trigger a return of everyones money. That's why we decided that it's for the best to respect the players or organizers choice whether they want to continue a game or not.

How can I verify the contract and take a look at the code?

The contract is verified on Ether.Camp and

How does the contract know which team I picked?

Excellent question! In order to make it compatible with any wallets as much as possible, I decided to use a new "concept". You pick your team by flipping your 1 finney decimal place (much like a flag). If your finney decimal place is even, you picked Team A (left). If your finney decimal place is odd, you picked Team B (right). Since one finney is basically not worth much (~1cent) it doesn't make a difference on your betting amount. Just be sure to check BEFORE you send any money to the contract. It's not possible to switch sides after you placed your bet!
Small Example:
Fnatic (Team A, left) vs VP (Team B, right)

These are valid bets for Fnatic (Team A): 5 ETH, 5.1 ETH, 5.2 ETH, 5.31 ETH, 5.312 ETH (you see, 2 is even)
These are valid bets for VP (Team B): 5.001 ETH, 5.101 ETH, 5.201 ETH, 5.311 ETH, 5.313 ETH

You call a 4% fee fair and low?

This contract does not take a fee for each incoming transaction like other contracts. If you bet on the winning team you get 100% of the money you placed on this bet back (without having to pay any fees!) plus your fair share from all the coins who bet on the wrong team. The fee is taken from the balance pool of the loser team. So if the odds are 50:50 the fee applies to those 50% of people who picked the losing team. So the fee is never constant, in this example the fee is about 2%. If the odds are 80-20 and 80 wins, the fee is 0.8%. You get the idea. This small fee basically covers our own running costs just like initiating payouts (gas), running this server and an ether node 24/7 and paying the developers and designers.

I studied the contract code, the fee is 6%?!

We reduced the fee from 6% to 4% on 10. April 2016. You can take a look at this specific tx which changed the fee here.

How is this decentral, you are the one who triggers payouts?

Yes and no. It is a contract with very strict rules on how payments are send and so on. You can take a look at the code yourself, you'll see that I can't manipulate anything during this routine. All I do is tell the contract which team really did win during a tournament. The contract now automatically works its routine, calculates shares for each player and returns them their earnings. This also makes betting with this contract even more secure since I have not only the one option to pay the winners out, I can also return all money to the rightfull owner if I see hard evidence that a match was fixed or one party during this game used cheat codes. If I see that a game wasn't played fair I will return everyones money (100% return, no fees apply).

Can I change my pick later on?

No, once you placed a bet you can't switch the teams anymore. So please be sure on who you wan't to bet on before you send any ether to the contract. We can't refund any wrong placed bets (limited by contract).

Are there any safety nets? Can my money be stuck if something happens to the opperators of this site?

No, we took indeed some measures to allow users to get their money back in case we can't resolve a bet. If the last transaction is 28 days behind (real transaction with some amount), anyone can initiate a "return all the money" process by simply calling the contract. The contract will reset itself and returns everyones money.

Can I transfer ether to this contract from an exchange?

NO! Do not use an exchange to transfer ether to this contract! We will return the winnings to the address who placed the bet, so if you send ether from an exchange the contract will return the winnings to the exchange too. The problem there is that an exchange uses the same address for multiple people, they can't verify which person the incoming ether belongs and it will probably get stuck. We are not liable for any stuck ether on any exchange and we can't refund it either. If you do have used an exchange address and you money is stuck please contact your exchange.

I entered X.001 ETH to bet on Team B but Mist shows me something like X.000999999 on the confirmation dialog

Don't worry, it's just a small bug in Mist. The send amount will be exactly the same as you entered in Mist. The tiny total Ether count below probably uses a smaller floating point type which is why X.001 can't be displayed accurately. So it's just displayed wrong.